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Corporate blogs

The main objective of corporate blogs: to communicate periodically and encourage the participation of the client, as well as to become a channel of visits to your company website.
Corporate blog

Why is it important to have a corproate blog?

A corporate blog is a communication tool in which content is the basis and the user the focus of participation, as the principal objective of corporate blogs is to communicate regularly and encourage the participation of the client, like an entry channel for visits to the company’s website

Some companies go even further and use blogs as an element to generate virality with the incorporation of multimedia elements of influence in the sector, thereby reinforcing the reputation and notoriety of the brand.

Company blogs are a good tool for interacting with your customers.
Custom blog

A blog that you can manage

Blogs are fully managed by the company, which needs simply create the contents.  Blogs are also a powerful optimization tool on search engines such as Google.

At LA TEVA WEB we use the principal blog platforms currently on the market: Wordpress and Tumblr.

We work with bespoke programmed blogs or Wordpress

Do you need a blog different from the rest? Let's talk about it