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Lazzigags is a school of theatre and a producer of spectacles for families.
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School of theater and performing arts

Lazzigags is, for more than 20 years ago, a theater school and a producer of shows for families and adults. We have designed a website for Lazzigags in which the company presents its history and philosophy, besides its billboard of shows and performances agenda. The website reports on the day-to-day business and its shows, and for those more loyal followers includes even a small merchandising section.

Web design has focused on corporate Lazzigags color, orange, providing dynamism and strength to a web design where photography and use of iconography is paramount and provides energy and showiness.

The website is organized in a corporate area that explains the history and values of the company. It also has a news section and agenda. However, the main part is composed by theatrical production services and the theater class.

The image of the website and logo emanates about being corporatist. The warmth was sought by enhancing corporate orange and making use of textures that resemble paper or cardboard. On the other hand appeals to the ideas of strength and rigor through marked blocks of content, reserves of colored tablets and frames. White and shades of gray balance palette always remains within the corporate range in order to make brand. 

The web design includes gestural illustrations accompanying Production and Theater Classroom, both company vocations and excercises of near and amusing character. Text types, with wide eyes, provide clarity in reading and the marked geometry of headline typography refers once again to the logo. Web design is web responsive design, adapting to any device, be it pc, mobile or tablet.

Recently, an online marketing strategy has been established to achieve a good SEO position in Catalan, although the website is in Castilian and Catalan, the main language is Catalan, since its target audience is in Barcelona and surroundings. To improve the optimization of the website, some changes have been made in the structure of the web as well as the contents.
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