Corporate web design for the Generalitat de Catalunya

A project for Generalitat de Catalunya and the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation.
BAC Web design

Project for the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation

The Generalitat de Catalunya and Fundació Catalana per la Recerca i la Innovació have hired LA TEVA WEB to unify the corporate communication of some of its projects. The starting point has been the Group on Bibliometrics Research.

Accordingly, we have developed all guidelines for web design and web communication, providing the institution with a manual, files and layout defining all styles and web architecture to provide coherence and reinforcement of the brand image of these projects.

The project is highly complex, has reached the maximum detail, providing a web layout that includes all CSS styles, icons, maps, charts, Google graphs configurations, fonts and images to use in all their web projects. This layout has to be implemented by the team of programmers of the institution.

The biggest challenge has been how to design a layout that uses the responsive web design to display on any device a large volume of information formatted in tables and graphs. All this amount of information has also to be displayed correctly and make easy to people to read it.

Through this project, the Catalan Foundation for Research has improved and professionalized its image and online communication.
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