Web developement Barcelona

Custom web developement

At La Teva Web we have a team with more than 19 years of experience, which allows us to offer custom web development tailored to the client's specific business requirements.
Custom web developement

Great customised design and functionalities with a powerful content management system

A customized web development should not be synonymous with a static and unalterable page. The content management system developed by La Teva Web allows our clients to manage all the content on their webites, no matter whether we are talking about a corporate website or an e-commerce.

This flexibility allows us to keep the custom websites alive, with new periodic contents to favor their SEO rankings, performing web maintenance or reflecting the expansion of your business through the incorporation of new services.

You set the goal. We trace the path
Web developement Barcelona

What technologies do we use to develop a customized website?

  • What technologies do we use to develop a customized website?
  • Front-end: we create all our websites using the HTML tag language, CSS for visual styles and Javascript for the added functionalities.
  • Compliance with standards: all the development carried out by La Teva Web follows the standards set by international organizations such as W3C.
  • Integrations: we link internal management tools, corporate Intranets, CRMs, and other platforms to establish bidirectional communication between them and the web.
Web developer

Web developers

Our developers or web developers code and design websites, but this is not their only function, they are also responsible for establishing quality standards, site architecture and proper maintenance.

Our team of web developers are constantly attentive to developments in the sector. We highly value adaptability to constant technological changes, in order to offer the best of ourselves in our web projects.

Constantly attentive to developments in the sector

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