Web page and SEO for Conexión Creando Puentes

New project of web design with Wordpress and SEO positioning for Conexión Creando Puentes, a charity in Barcelona
Web Page and SEO for Conexión Creando Puentes

Charity organization in Barcelona

Conexión Creando Puentes  is a charity set up to respond to the current international migration crisis. In a world that is plagued by inequality, its mission is to help socially disadvantaged people. 

For the organization we have created a web design with Wordpress.

For the web design we started from the chromatic range of the logo, with a casual and clean design. Creating different blocks we have used the main corporate colours: blue and red. The colours have been implemented in the texts and buttons of the website, transmitting good vibes and joy. We have added large photographs to visually highlight the message we want to convey and what the Creando Puentes organization consists of. For the texts, we have opted for the Averia Sans typography, as it brings the didactic message of the organization closer. For backgrounds, we have used soft colours based on the organization's corporate colours, creating different modules. 

In the same way, we obtain an informative website so that the user understands from the first moment what the organization is about and captures their interest. 

When the website is ready, the Marketing Department team will be in charge of carrying out the whole optimisation process (SEO positioning) in search engines. Previously, we did a keyword study was carried out for the project and some of the words used are: educational programmes for refugees and displaced people, language classes for refugees and displaced people, help for the integration of refugees, online language classes for refugees, volunteering for online training for refugees.
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