Web design for Codirisc

A new project of design web, research project on the prevention of suicidal behaviour, based on the CSRC Programme (Spanish acronym for Suicide Risk Code of Catalonia) of the Department of Health of the regional Catalan govenment.
Web design for Codirisc

Research project on suicide prevention

Codirisc is a new research project on the prevention of suicidal behaviour based on the Suicide Risk Code (CRS) programme of the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

We have made the web design for the research, where we started from a clean design, with a soft and calm language. The colours used for this website are cheerful, based on the brand's chromatic range of colours, which are blue, used for the background blocks of content and text, and salmon. These two colours have been used throughout the website to structure the content and to contrast with the white background. 

The photographs on the website have one objective, to transmit positive sensations to the user, with a simple structure to make it easier for the user to navigate. The iconography used creates a visual language that classifies the content of the website. The two corporate colours have been used in each one. Starting with the logo, the use of circles and rounded shapes is reiterated in the buttons and typography.

The Rubik typography is in line with the idea of creating a website with a positive and friendly message.
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