Web and SEO design for Clínica Dental Casanova 25

From La Teva Web we have made the web design of a landing page for Clínica Dental Casanova 25 focused on dental implants, as well as working on organic positioning.

Casanova25 implants homepage

Clínica Dental Casanova 25 specialises in all types of dental healthtreatments for its patients in Barcelona. The clinic is located in the heart of Barcelona and its main objective is to offer the best oral health treatments, always personalized.

Landing page for implants

We have developed the web design of a landing page focused specifically on a highly specialized service: dental implants. The page has a visual design and easy to navigate, where key information is available on the home page. In this section, visitors can obtain details about the various dental implantology services offered by the clinic, such as post-extraction dental implants, immediate loading implants and conventional implants.

In addition, the website details the extensive experience of the clinic in implantology, highlighting the technology used in the procedures, the exhaustive diagnostic process, the preparation of personalized budgets, treatments adapted to each patient, continuous monitoring and financing options. Testimonials from satisfied patients have also been included to support the quality of dental implant services provided by the clinic.

In addition to these elements, a blog is created to address relevant issues in the sector, with the aim of improving the positioning of the landing page. These initiatives have been planned in line with an On Page SEO strategy, after having carried out a study of keywords that has allowed them to be integrated effectively into the headings and texts of the page.

The landing page is presented as a valuable tool for those looking for detailed information on dental implants and wish to know the specialized services that the clinic offers in this field. The project, focused on a local SEO strategy to enhance one of the most valuable transactional searches, was based on:

  • A domain that combines exact domain match with a locality to position
  • Study of keywords to guide and guide the structure of the website and services
  • Transactional and enhanced focus service pages with structured data
  • Thematic blog focused on the topic to be positioned
  • E-E-A-T strategyto generate domain authority and reliability

If you think that the work done with Clínica Dental Casanova 25 fits into your business, do not hesitate to contact us.

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