21 / 02 / 2013

Website design for Vademedicus

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Website design for Vademedicus
Vademedicus is a web site that provides with medical information and advice to individuals in medical and health issues.

The website is a great compilation of medical articles. The company that manages the website works with the best professionals and medical center, constantly updating its knowledge.

The website contains from a repository with thousands of items to a directory of medical centers throughout Spain. It is especially useful its online reference service via website with the aim of helping individuals.

At a web design level we have provided the company with a sober website design offering seriousness and credibility. The website is completely self-managed and scheduled as using PHP programming language and MySQL database.

The main color used is green, a colour especially suitable for medical devices because green is a cold color that evokes calm, prestige, cleanliness and freshness.
In terms of graphic design, we have developed from the naming of the website to the logo of the company.

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