Domains and SEO
Updated: 29 / 01 / 2023

Domains and SEO

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Domain choice is essential when optimizing the web page.

A domain is like a brand, when we must choose one we have to keep in mind that it has to sounds good, that is has to be related to the product or service it sells and that it must be easy to remember. These three points that, at first, seem easy to accomplish are not easy at all. It is not recommendable to use metaphorical domains that may sound great but the customer won’t be able to remember and, even less, write it correctly.

What is a web domain?

A web domain is the name of the web page and is characterized by what is a unique name, that there can be no two web pages with the same name. Therefore, a name that identifies the company must be chosen. Apart from the name of the web domain, the domain extension must be chosen, which refers to a geographical location such as ."es (Spain) or ".com" (to encompass the whole world).

Which domains best position for the SEO?

When we talk about domains, besides the classical points of the brand we enter the world of search engine optimization or SEO and the classic question of whether my domain should incorporate the keywords for which you want to be found is recommendable or not. The answer is that it is very convenient and, although not required, we will always get better results in our SEO campaigns.

For instance, we launched two websites such as Ecobike or -a booking website for holiday camps-. Both domains include main keywords of their business, which will make that these website will get higher rankings at Google. For instance, when doing a search like "cases de colonies" you will see that Google highlighted in bold the domain because the domain name matches the searched keyword. The same will occur with "bicicletas electricas" related to Ecobike.

Finally we must talk about the domain extension, it is recommended that it is .com, unless that services are directed to a specific country. In the latter case it is advisable to use both .com or for instance .es.

How does the web domain influence SEO?

The web domain must have a number of features to help position a web page, and these are:

  • Domain extension: The type of extension is indifferent and will not affect your site's positioning better, but if it's suitable for addressing a particular country.
  • Antiquity: It's preferable to hire the domain for a time of 2 or more years, so Google identifies it as a long-term rather than a temporary place, which makes it a better position.
  • Structuring: Currently, adding the keyword within the domain is not relevant, as recently Google has lowered the level of importance that this element used to have in SEO.
  • Prevent using punctuation marks: Avoid using many scripts, diaeresis, apostrophes and uses of the letter ñ.
  • Phonetic: Remember that the domain name is the mark and this must be easy to remember, with simple and short names.

Let's hope that through this post you've been able to understand the importance of the web domain to yours SEO. If you have any doubts left or you want to hire any of our services, don't hesitate to contact us.

Francesc Sánchez La Teva Web SEO
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