Ecommerce design for Persianas Ariol
Updated: 07 / 02 / 2022

Ecommerce design for Persianas Ariol

Francesc Sánchez La Teva Web SEO
Francesc Sánchez
Digital marketing expert
toldos Ariol is a company with extensive experience in the field of motorised blinds and blinds in both sale and installation. Toldos Ariol is also distributor of the Somfy brand for motors somfy.

Toldos Ariol had its own ecommerce, however, they have hired La Teva Web to develop a bran new ecommerce that incorporates the new corporate brand image of the company, to provide new functionalities to the store such as the sale of blinds by meters.

The design of the ecommerce focuses on the evolution of a design with too noise in terms of commercial messages, with the use of lots of colours such as bright green and yellow that owerwhelms the client. With the aim of improving the conversion ratio of sales, the new web design offers a very clean image with the use of gray and red coloirs so as to build confidence and focus attention of users on products rather than the environment. The use of sans-serif typefaces, weak contrast between thick and thin strokes with rounded shapes generates a feeling of trust and professionality that encourages the purchase of their products.

We are also developing a major online marketing strategy focuse on SEO for keyswords such as persianas or motores Somfy.

We hope you enjoy it and Persianas Ariol become a choice when buying motorised blinds.
Francesc Sánchez La Teva Web SEO
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