03 / 10 / 2011

Facebook is reinvented

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Facebook presented at the F8 its "new" Facebook, a new user orientation as Mark Zuckerberg said: "designing a place that feels like home to you."

Developments affects the core of the application: profiles, and a new proposalfor the user experience on Facebook, which as said its president, Mark Zuckerberg, is "totally rethought from scratch. Major changes include the timeline, music and Facebook the ticker.


The new feature is a timeline that allows the user to present a complete summary of time of their life. In this timeline, there are left and right elements and other publications. Also we will make updates retrospectives. Facebook Timeline want the newspaper to become the media of the life of users, including photos, videos, comments and specific content.

Facebook Music

It will be the new social revulsion of music. We will know what music our friends listen, and even open Spotify to hear what our friends are listening to.


The new ticker incorporates all notifications of real-time activity that usually appear on our wall, referring to the activities undertaken by our friends at Facebook.

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