12 / 09 / 2013

Facebook mimics LinkedIn

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Facebook mimics LinkedIn
In online marketing, social networks are converging every day, there seems to be an interest in copying others to the risk of ending up being all the same.

Facebook has recently decided to incorporate features of other social networks like hashtags and trending topics of Twitter, but the social network wants to go a step further and now it's the time for incorporate main advantages of the professional social network LinkedIn.

Facebook is rolling out the possibility of bringing in users profile their professional skills in order to help those users looking for a job to show their work profile and work interests.

The social network will even allows users to find pages within Facebook who are looking for professionals in the fields selected by the user. It will be done through the option Work and Education.

A priori it seems an additional advantage for users of Facebook, however, we must recognize that LinkedIn has carved a good name as the professional network and it seems difficult for Facebook to attract LinkedIn’ users.  I  suppose that this new option will make many people rather than moving from  LinkedIn to Facebook, to just end doing the work twice.

Francesc Sánchez
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Francesc Sánchez
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