11 / 07 / 2013

Online Marketing Google+ and Facebook now use hashtags

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Online Marketing Google+ and Facebook now use hashtags
In March we reported that Facebook was planning to incorporate the hashtag or # on its social network. Today it has become real and not just on Facebook but also on Google+.

Within online marketing , # or hashtag has been linked with Twitter. There are even those who believe they are the creators, but the true creators was its user community. The hashtag is used to add conversations and see what others have posted about the same concept. The main implementation problem for Facebook was that Facebook only allow users to see  comments of friends. However Facebook has solved it allowing user to seeentries tagged with the hashtag of any person being friend or not. Accordingly, you should be careful when using hashtags. Facebook also will link the # with their advertising campaigns.

The use of the hashtag on Google+ is pretty much the same. In fact, for using hashtags, you only have to wite  the # symbol with the word of interest. Do not look for any specific field as it does not exist. For example, you can put in your comment #marketingonline and, once published, anyone who click it will access to users’ posts tagged with the same hashtag.

It appears that the use of the hashtag will be soon as popular in Google+ or Facebook as it is now in Twitter once people find out that they can use it.
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