09 / 01 / 2013

Facebook and the negative feedback

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Facebook and the negative feedback
Again Facebook makes changes to their algorithm EdgeRank, the algorithm is to decide the extent to which the updates are displayed on Facebook. That is, every time we publish something on our wall, how many people see it.

Facebook understands that with all the information that is published daily in this social network, you must have a filter to decide that is interesting enough to display the maximum number of people, and what not. Hence in the second half of 2012, Facebook made major changes in their EdgeRank, so went straight to be very restrictive to force companies to pay to have their stories seen. This created a great impact on the social network. In fact Socialbrakers announced that between September and November 2012, the scope of the views of the updates of Facebook pages had fallen to 40%.

The criteria that make up the algorithm EdgeRank are many and recently has been given great importance to a new change order in part by consumers. This is the influence of negative feedback in display updates. Negative feedback is measured by the number of people that hide the publication or generate negative comments about it. A high negative feedback affect negatively on the display of our updates.

To access this information, simply go to the stats page and access the "users interacting" and simply click on the number you will receive the desired information of positive feedback and negative feedback.

t is important in a proper online marketing strategy, analyze what kinds of updates and thematic generate negative content to get maximum viewing our updates on Facebook.

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