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Google Global Market Finder helps us with seo

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Google Global Market Finder helps us with seo
Global Market Finder is a little known tool that helps us to explore foreign markets for our company.

Customers always ask us if we know how big is the market for their products as regards the Internet in other countries.  Moreover, they usually ask us what words should be used to carry out the SEO internationally. Well, the first thing to do is to access Global Market Finder, a Google’s  tool that compares the potential of different countries and suggests keywords that we should use in each language. 
For instance, if we look for "web design" we can get a comparative search by country and using words that clients use in those countries.

Google Global Market Finder thrives Google searches from around the world, showing the number of times users look for specific key words in nearly 60 languages.

Another very important aspect of this online marketing tool is that it indicates the average cost per click in AdWords, so we see that for example for "web design ", the average cost per click for the UK is 6,15 Euro in Australia 13.15 Euros and 3.73 Euros in Spain.

Global Market Finder is a great free tool from Google that saves us time and money in our online marketing strategy.
Francesc Sánchez
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Francesc Sánchez

I am the CEO of La Teva Web and I started this blog twenty years ago. I am very pleased to have helped many clients and companies to succeed and achieve their goals.

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