10 / 02 / 2022

La Teva Web Google Partner Premiere again in 2022

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La Teva Web has achieved to become one of the 3% of Google's best performing partners this year. Thanks to the team's good work in the development of online advertising campaigns, we have been renewed as a Google Premium Partner. With the achievement of this goal, our company stands out as one of the leading agencies in the digital marketing sector in Spain.

We welcome this news with joy and excitement, especially now that Google has fulfilled its requirements for awarding this distinction.

New requirements to become a Premiere partner

To revalidate this badge, Google has endorsed our work and performance, considering the following factors:

The loyalty of our customers

Our ability to retain and maintain the trust of our clients to continue working on their digital advertising has been one of the most decisive factors in achieving this recognition once again. Google has positively valued customer retention after considering the percentage of all those who have continued working with us compared to the previous year.

Attracting new clients

In addition to the loyalty of those companies that have long placed their trust in us, this year we have also managed to continue to expand our client portfolio. Our ability to attract new projects has allowed us to continue growing up together as specialists in the creation and optimisation of advertising campaigns. 

The diversification of products in our campaigns

Working with companies of different activities and sizes has given us the opportunity to work with the different ad formats offered by Google Ads and achieve great results related to the needs and objectives of our clients. La Teva Web team is Google-certified specialist in Shoping, Display, remarketing, YouTube Ads and, of course, search campaigns.

Advertising investment

At our agency we work on a multitude of campaigns with very different budgets. Likewise, the advertising investment in Google Ads this year has reached the volume required by Google to be part of this 3% that identifies the best performing companies in Spain.

Perks of being a Google Premiere Partner

Being part of the 3% of the best performing partners gives you access to a set of exclusive perks that allow you to strengthen your agency's collaboration with Google. Some of the benefits that we will be able to enjoy are:

  • Access to beta products.
  • Consult summaries of current Google statistics to keep abreast of consumer behaviour.
  • Access to special promotions offers for investment in advertising campaigns on the Google Ads platform.
  • Attendance at industry events with Google leaders, sessions with other Premiere partners and the opportunity to learn from other industry experts.
  • Membership of the directory of Google Partners, where we are listed as one of the best companies in campaign management.

Our working methodology as a key to success

We believe that one of the keys to the success and good performance of our campaigns is our work methodology.

Our work begins with the definition, together with the client, of the products and services that the client wishes to promote in Google Ads. We then select the most representative keywords and study the economic viability of the sector, considering the competition and the cost of the chosen words.

Once this initial analysis has been carried out, we implement the campaign in Google Ads and optimise it periodically to improve its performance, producing results reports to keep the client up to date with the evolution of their campaigns.

La Teva Web receives this revalidation as a Premiere partner and all the advantages it brings, as a guarantee of our work and effort in the creation of advertising campaigns. But we also receive this recognition with enthusiasm and excitement to take advantage of this opportunity to continue growing.

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