28 / 02 / 2013

Google Business Photos

Google, once again, has taken another step forward. This time he introduced the famous Street View of Google Maps in homes and businesses.

The concept is simple, if Google Maps can move through the streets of a city and view the environment, why not do so within a home or business? This would allow you to enter de facto into a restaurant, a hotel or a store and see how it is on the inside to the smallest detail. In fact it becomes a virtual tour for all purposes where you can move around within the business through 360 degree panoramic photographs. Product benefits are clear, imagine you want to choose a specific hotel but will not know how the rooms or the restaurant, the Google application you will see it as if you were inside.

The launch of Google Business Photos reported in September 2012 but now it is becoming a reality in countries like the United States.

Google wants the product to have the highest possible quality, following this it only allows only photographers or agencies certified by Google to perform this task. Obviously these photographers require special equipment: fisheye lens and camera rotating turrets that will generate photos to be processed by Google API to generate Google 360 degrees panoramic photographs.

Yes, I recommend ordering your business prior to the shoot as Google Business Photos will show every detail.

Francesc Sánchez
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