21 / 12 / 2010

Web design and Google Instant Preview

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Web design and Google Instant Preview
One of the most popular recent changes Google has been the " Google Instant Preview ", which directly affects the web design. When searching in Google, you see a blue magnifying glass next to the results, if cliques instantly see a preview of the home of the web. This utility will allow you to quickly compare sites and get the results you want without having to enter each site individually. A breakthrough.

Therefore, what's the problem with the web design you might ask? Well, leaving aside the Flash and video. These elements are not in the snapshot, directly affecting web design. How to solve the problem of Flash with instant preview? For now there is a direct solution to the level of programming or web design. The only option is to work at web design with background images. If for example you have a Flash in a cell, simply put an image as a background substitution of the cell.

Francesc Sánchez
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