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27 / 05 / 2015

How to use Pinterest to boost your Brand

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How to use Pinterest to boost your Brand
Pinterest is establishing as one of the the social networks to help brands positioning on the Internet and helping to connect with the potential customers. The data show that in Spain the network is on a clear growth process, so it is a good time to create the Pinterest for your company, or if you had created and was neglected ,resurrect it. In this article we offer some tips to make the most of your Pinterest.

Not only products: many brands only upload its product to this network. And that is very well done, but not enough. We must use Pinterest to expose the philosophy of life, mission, values and vision of our brand.

Pinterest for many users is a source of inspiration, often a wish list. You must combine product exhibition with images that suggest an idea, a feeling, a philosophy that links with the brand, call the customer's attention on your brand to finally take an interest in your products or services.

Upload good photos to Pinterest: You must be very careful in selecting what type of images you upload to the network, you can’t put any (resolution, composition and light are elements to take into account).

Write a good description to find your photo: Pinterest is a social network based on the image and this is its main attraction, but the key to find your content is the text. Write a good description that includes the keywords related to your photography.

Interact: Unlike other social media, Pinterest users will hardly go to your page and start a conversation with your brand. It is therefore important that you take the initiative and seek interaction: give a like, Repin or comment other members postings relevant content to your brand or philosophy could be very useful.

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