HTML5, a leap forward
Updated: 07 / 03 / 2022

HTML5, a leap forward

Eduardo Jiménez, web developer
Eduardo Jiménez
Web developer
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HTML5 is the next step forward on the programming language HTML (HyperText Markup Language). It will be the fifth version of the language and promises to be one giant leap for programming.

HTML5 will create new labels and eliminate some redundancy but also allow the creation of multimedia applications directly without having to go through external programs. Following this, many may consider that this new version will be the end of Flash. In fact, with the new revision will use specific labels for each particular type of content, such as video or audio, among others. The functions of new APIs will allow the creation of offline web applications and the use of local databases or canvas. In summary, the main advantage will be to unite into a single platform all those capabilities that we now have to develop separately with other applications or languages.

Is expected to be applicable in 2012 and its development is governed by the W3C consortium and IExplorer beta 9 and it will implement.
Eduardo Jiménez, web developer
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Eduardo Jiménez — Web developer
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