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Is IP server location important for Google?

Francesc Sánchez La Teva Web SEO
Francesc Sánchez
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Choosing a good hosting is very important for getting users to visit your website

Today, having a website has become a necessity for any company and it is necessary to have a good hosting for it. Although many people mistakenly tend to choose hosting their website according to price, other factors should be prioritised when choosing a hosting plan or a host server.

If you want the searchers to prioritize your website, at the time of placing it in their search results, the hosting you hired will have to meet a number of features, most notably that it is of good quality.

Hosting factors affecting SEO

The main Hosting factors affecting the SEO of a website are:

Hosting Load Rate

This is a fundamental point for the positioning of a web site, as primarily, when a user does not load the page quickly, they tend to leave the web, causing an increase in the bounce rate. In addition, Google will interpret this website as offering a bad browsing experience and leaving it in the background of its search engine.

It is therefore vitally important to look at the speed of loading that a hosting offers before hiring it.

Hosting Security

When you're thinking about hiring a Hosting, it's important that it has SSL security, because it's a digital title that authenticates a web identity and encrypts the connection to the server. That is, when a user enters a web, the browser accesses this digital certificate from the server and establishes a secure connection to htpps, which is what Google best positions.

Good technical support

The normal thing is that a website has drops from time to time. But when the problem occurs many times, it is the technical service that saves yours from being affected.

That is why it is necessary to recruit a host with good technical support, because if the fall takes several hours or days, the rapid response to solve any incidence is important. Otherwise, users can have a bad navigation experience.

How Google control the location of the company?

Google pay no attention to the IPs of the servers where the websites were housed. Following this, when searching for a Mexican restaurant in Paris or Barcelona we could end with same results. Google took a step in the purification of the results and decided that if a user searches for a Mexican restaurant, it is logical that you are looking for a restaurant in Barcelona and you may not be interested in the results for restaurants in Paris.

Likewise, if a company offers a service in Barcelona and addresses to customers are located in Barcelona, why should this website appearing in Google results in France? In practice this means that in different countries get radically different results.

Google, in order to position web pages on the site where it wants to sell products or offer services, does so in three ways:

  • Using a second level domain: If a website uses a domain ".es", it should not worry where to host the website, as Google will preferably offer its results to Google Spain.
  • Detecting IP: If we use a ".com" domain, Google simply detects the IP from we connect, and knows which country we are in, so it must only offer preferential results of web pages hosted in that country, i.e. web pages hosted on IPs of Spanish servers. For this reason competing in Spain with a .com website hosted in Germany is a problem for the positioning of this website on Google.
  • The use of hreflang: The use of hreflang in html is intended to direct users to the web in the appropriate language and country.
Francesc Sánchez La Teva Web SEO
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