25 / 05 / 2012

Google's Knowledge Graph

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For Google when we are searching, we are looking for answers and information ant not only fo web pages. Google has launched  Knowledge Graph for a leap forward in the integration of the binomial-response search, saving clicks and time.

It's a simple concept, searching for 'Vincent Van Gogh", the new Knowledge Graph is going to give a brief biography of the artist taken from Wikipedia, and an extract of his work and a link to other related artists as Pablo Picasso. This appears in the space reserved for Google Adwords.

This utility works in the U.S. and includes people of all relevant fields. We conducted the search for football coach "Josep Guardiola" and here you have the results. In this case the work does not appear and people related are Leo Messi or Jose Mourinho.

It is certainly a good utility to get information from people, places and elements of the world and how they are connected to each other. In fact is a graph of knowledge. The Google Knowledge Graph is only available in English and works on all browsers and mobile devices.

Try it here
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