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La Boqueria market from Barcelona

La Boqueria, a world-renowned Barcelona market, has renewed its website and has entrusted LA TEVA WEB with its creation.

For the new website we have designed a young and modern page. We also wanted to give prominence to the professionals of the market stops. For the definition of colors, we have opted for the bright red passion color (also present in the logo) as well as the selection of photographs of fresh and vivid products.

la boqueria website design

Welcome to the best market of Barcelona

At the level of web programming, we have created a system of filters according to the type of food: fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, specialties, fruits dry ... we have also created a dynamic functionality of the market stop map and the information sheet of each stop.

The website is defined in 3 languages: Catalan, Spanish and English, making the main language Catalan. A change that has been generated with the new web page is the definition of the domain, since before it was an .info and now it is a .barcelona. To avoid 404 errors or pages not found, a careful 301 has been created, so everything that was previously pointed from the .info domain now has to be directed to the .barcelona.

Recently, the client has hired us to work on SEO. For the next few months the online marketing department will be responsible for optimizing all web pages with the concepts related to the brand and other more relevant ones such as Barcelona market, Ramblas market, Barcelona boqueria...
web responsive la boqueria market Barcelona

Responsive web design

The website of La Boqueria is responsive, that is, it adapts to all devices, so that any user can visit the web from anywhere and at any time.

la boqueria market web

From Barcelona to the world

A current and personal web design for a unique market that projects Barcelona to the world.

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