La Teva Web, Microsoft Advertising Partner in 2024
16 / 05 / 2024

We are a Microsoft Advertising Partner 2024

Mayte de Frutos
SEM Specialist
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Our digital marketing agency La Teva Web has revalidated the Microsoft Advertising Partner badge in 2024, which means that Microsoft considers our agency as one of the best SEM agencies in Spain. It also implies the recognition of the effort, experience and knowledge of our entire team of SEM consultants in the development of effective and profitable SEM campaigns on the Bing search engine. This recognition is also a very important extra motivation for our digital marketing agency to continue offering our clients a premium service in the field of online paid advertising.

Requirements to become a Microsoft Advertising Partner

It is not easy to become an outstanding Microsoft Advertising Partner. We have to meet a number of requirements, some are basic but others are much more difficult, that allow Microsoft to certify that we are an expert SEM agency that does things very well. The main requirements we must meet are:

  • Obviously the first is to have a company profile on Microsoft Advertising and to register for the partner programme.
  • All SEM consultants in the marketing agency must undergo an advanced training programme provided by Microsoft on an ongoing basis. Through this programme they can guarantee our knowledge and experience in the creation of advanced campaigns in Bing Ads that generate good results for our clients in terms of efficiency and profitability. We always comply with the regulations imposed by the partner programme.
  • Manage a high level of investment in the Microsoft Advertising platform that demonstrates our clients' trust in our digital marketing agency.

How do you benefit from being a Microsoft Advertising partner agency?

As a Microsoft Advertising partner, we have some unique advantages that clearly benefit our clients that other agencies cannot offer. The main advantage is obviously the peace of mind that Microsoft endorses and certifies that we are doing things right, designing and implementing efficient campaigns. But it also gives us direct access to Microsoft for early access to platform news and updates and, above all, exclusive information on what works and what doesn't work in Bing ads.

As an SEM agency, we would love to be able to design your next pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns on Bing, but also on Yahoo! or MSN Search, as well as on all Microsoft platforms and devices and its Display network that includes such powerful websites as AOL. A service that offers new advertising possibilities beyond Google's ubiquitous advertising ecosystem. And because we are also a Google Partner, with our agency you can cover all areas of online advertising.

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Mayte de Frutos — SEM Specialist
SEM Specialist. With years of working in the world of digital marketing, I am passionate about transforming clicks into clients and numbers into success stories.

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