12 / 03 / 2013

The most active brands on Facebook in Spain

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The most active brands on Facebook in Spain
If we analyze the most active brands in social networks in Spain according to Socialbakers and focusing on  Facebook, we will see that only three brands, with their fan pages aggregate, exceed one million Spanish fans.


These brands include Decathlon Spain with 1.2 million users or fans, El Corte Ingles with 1.1 million and Privalia has two Facebook pages with 0.7 million fans each, which would place him as an aggregated page with more fans on Facebook Spain with 1.4 million fans.

Other popular brands  are Durex Love Sex with 0.8 million  and Coca Cola and with 0.7 million fans.  Amazon, Zara or Disney moves with sums around the half million of Spanish users.

There are particularly interesting cases that explain the expansion of Spanish brands internationally. Zara for instance has 0.5 million Spanish fans but reaches 16.5 million fans worldwide. Its competitor Mango, by contrast, is much less attractive at Facebook and has 0.3 million fans in Spain and 5.3 million worldwide. This time, Zara has won. In fact well-known brands such as H & M have fewer fans worldwide that Zara-down 23% in Spain and 16% less global.

Nissan is the fastest growing company in Spain, reaching 30,015 fans in March 2013, doubling the number of fans on last month. On the other side, Melia Caribe is the brand that decreases most.

There is a special mention for mass media companies. MTV leads the group with 0.52 million fans, followed by Antena 3 with 0.48 million and Europe FM with 0.44 million. It is surpingly how far are the other TV media companies in the ranking. Telecinco has0.27 million while RTVE has less than 0.12 million. Instead radios are much more popular in the number of fans and newspapers are, surprisingly, to the tail. El Pais for example is less than 100,000 users, while ABC, El Mundo o El Periódico do not exceed the 42,000 fans. The only exception would be sports journals that maintain a reasonable number of fans in Spain.

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