Web design & digital marketing for Ocome

Web redesign and digital marketing for OCOME, a company offering supply and installation of metal fasteners.
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Installation of fences and metal fences

Web redesign for OCOME, a company offering supply and installation of metal fasteners. We have redesigned the web portal according to the company's image. The site includes the entire product catalog OCOME as fences,  or metal fences.

We are going for the third web redesign for the industrial webpage of Ocome Cercados Metálicos, a manufacturer of metal fences, metal sheds and awnings. The aim of the redesign of the website is to adapt the web image to the brand new corporate image of the company and its brand. In addition, with the launch of new products, it was necessary a new information architecture of the website.

The new web design focuses on a more modern and current image where the contents are more accessible, avoiding the use of drop down menus and greatly improving the usability of the overall website.

The new web design and web programming are also adapted to mobile devices like cell phones and tablets, something that lacked the previous website.

As regards online marketing, we will give a new impulse to the SEO of the website for keywords such as cercados metálicos. To improve the SEO, we have also incorporated new dynamic sections like news and projects, which will allow the site to growth and being constantly updated.
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