01 / 04 / 2014

Marketing online: twitter does not sell

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Marketing online: twitter does not sell
Online marketing helps companies to sell but not all social networks appear to be a sales tool.

In a recent study published in Mashable, a website of reference in online marketing, it analyzes the use of Twitter by brands. About 80% of community managers used social network Twitter to improve brand awareness of their company and is, by far, the main use of the network of microblogging. It is followed with 58% of cases by the goal of driving visits to their sites. 55% of brands use Twitter to engage their existing customers and 42% to improve their brand image, 52% to get new leads and 40% to increase customer loyalty.

Finally, only 24.4% of brands use twitter to sell. A priori, it seems an amazing figure, but if you look at the format of the tweets, we must recognize that it is neither visual nor attractive to advertise services. Until Twitter will not improve this aspect, brands will continue investing in this for communicating, enhancing relationships with their customers and strengthen its presence but sales will remain a minor objective in comparison with other social networks.
Francesc Sánchez
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Francesc Sánchez
I am the CEO of La Teva Web and I started this blog twenty years ago. I am very pleased to have helped many clients and companies to succeed and achieve their goals.

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