28 / 06 / 2011

ICANN opens the door to new domains

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ICANN opens the door to new domains
ICANN, which regulates and manages the domains, agreed by a large majority to launch new generic top-level domains.

This measure will apply to organizations, companies, regions and cities.

From the January 2012 may request the creation of a second level domain like .bcn or .ldn prior payment of $185,000 and legally prove the legitimacy of the request. Yearly renewal cost will amount $25,000.

This decision is considered one of the greatest advances of the Internet in recent decades, although it appeared some criticism about its high cost and the time it takes news domains to become approved.

Currently there are 22 generic domains and about 250 regional and there is already plans to create domains for sectors such as automobile with .auto

A new important step is that it opens the possibility of using new alphabets such as Arabic or Cyrillic in new domains.
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