Online Marketing. Facebook Buy button
Updated: 08 / 03 / 2022

Online Marketing. Facebook Buy button

Francesc Sánchez La Teva Web SEO
Francesc Sánchez
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Facebook is testing the buy button. Online commerce will be consolidated in social networks.

Social networks will allow companies to sell directly through them. Following this, Twitter and Facebook are working to incorporate the buy option through company posts and company pages. Facebook is the social network that has gone further by now and will pretty son allow companies to sell their products through their posts or company pages to consumers without leaving Facebook. This option will be available in the desktop and mobile devices.

One advantage of the system is that the payment will be secure, as people will pay directly in Facebook and our credit card will not be shared with any other advertiser. Furthermore, it allows users to record your payment, so that in the future will not have to retype your details to make a purchase on Facebook.

The button buy is already in test for several medium size companies in the U.S.
Obviously this new functionality go on line to improve the economic performance of the social network for excellence. Facebook is addressing all its aims to maximize results and its profits doubled this year, always thanks to advertising. Facebook advertising strategies are "squeezing" advertisers and users through a "pay for being seen" tactic that can take its toll on the social network shortly.
Francesc Sánchez La Teva Web SEO
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