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It is an esoteric products online store, which also offers tarot services.
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Esoteric online store

We present this esoteric shop based in Barcelona (Mataro), which offers products and services esoteric tarot and clairvoyance. In this area they are specialized in the tarot of love, either in person or telephone tarot. The customer had two websites that worked in parallel: on the one hand an online esoteric products, and on the other its corporate and service website, which was dedicated to the tarot and ancestral rituals. But for this new stage we have chosen to merge the two sites into one, now under the control

The new Libèrnia Màgica now is essentially an online storeof esoteric products. As all the shops has a catalog and purchase process, but also in this case are included on page services tarot Love (either in person or by telephone), and an explanation of the company, various forms of contact, and a section of news about the sector.

In the field of web design, reference we had a logo with medieval atmosphere, nestled in a wax seal. This is a resource that we also use as an icon to indicate that a product is on offer. The client passed us they wanted something baroque, yet very modern and stylish for your sector. We have therefore developed a website black background, sometimes smooth and others with backgrounds in baroque motifs. Also you will observe over the web many lines and baroque ornamentation in gold. This message is secured by the chosen typography, serifs modular class, sometimes also show it in gold. But to make the user easier to read and give a modern touch, we combine this with other secondary type, standard type optimized for web reading.

Product listings are taught within tarot cards, since it is one of the main activities of Libèrnia Màgica. As fijaros detail that we achieved that when the user with the cursor on product sheets pass, they move laterally, simulating the movements of tarot cards on the table. A little magic for a website on the subject found it adequate.

Following the publication of the online store, we now focus on getting Libèrnia Màgica get a good SEO positioning. And in this area the challenge is complicated, because we go for disputadisímos concepts as esoteric esoteric shop or esoteric store barcelona.
Eduardo Jiménez, web developer
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