Webs of the service sector made in Barcelona

Webs of the service sector

Examples of service websites

A service website is much more complex to design than a product website. Because the services incorporate intangible elements, which cannot be shown with the naked eye, but must be transmitted. We present some of our service websites, which can serve as inspiration for your project: laundries, locksmiths, social services, translations, massages... are some of the examples that we show you in our portfolio.

In this type of website it is very important to transmit a good brand image, which generates trust. Secondly, it will be essential to be very clear about the mission of the company and the services offered by it. Thirdly, it will be very important to take into account what our target audience is and guide the web design and content to it.

Finally, it cannot be forgotten that a service website is an excellent virtual business card, but if we want to have clients we must work well on its SEO positioning, and if possible also complement it with pay-per-click campaigns and other digital marketing actions. such as social networks or email marketing.

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