01 / 08 / 2012

Hotmail is replaced by

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Microsoft announced yesterday that the e-mail service for 16 years has operated under the name of Hotmail, will be renamed, handling mail adapting to the new interface will use Windows 8 UI known as Metro. These changes will not affect mail accounts created with Hotmail, therefore, who have a hotmail, live or msn account, now can test the new interface, where you can also create new email accounts

In addition to the renovation design of the new web interface, incorporating many functional enhancements such as integration with Skype, Facebook or Twitter and preview Office documents. It also incorporates Microsoft's own services, such as SkyDrive, which can store up to 7GB of mail for free accounts.

However, all these functional improvements do not provide great changes compared with other mail services, like Gmail, but will certainly improve a new user experience for actual Hotmail users.

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