Proxyma, an IT company
Updated: 06 / 12 / 2021

Proxyma, an IT company

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
Bruno Díaz
Marketing Manager
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We have developed a full web project for an IT company, including from the name of the company and all the corporate image to the web design and market online for the client

Nowadays, our client is Proxyma, a computer company in Barcelona, specializing in computer maintenance and IT services for medium and large companies in the area of Barcelona.


Concerning the naming we have chosen Proxyma, which transmits the proximity of a small, flexible company that wants to be close to the client, understanding their problems and needs. The main objective of Proxyma is to be close to clients so as to solve their computer problems. Following this we ended with a name that was the combination of proximity and proxy, a concept that immediately brings to head world of computing and the Internet.

Corporate identity

As regards corporate identity, we have chosen to use a light modern blue color combined with a round typography. As a result we get a fashionable and organic logo that conveys modernity and proximity, with a reference to the computing and neural networks.

Web design

As regards web design, we have delivered a modern and responsive web desing, very much in line with SEO requirements that will help us when  applying our online marketing strategy. We have tried to differentiate from competitors using little technical language and offering a nice web design that will attract consumers and improve CTRs.

Marketing online

We will also develop a full online marketing strategy includes SEO  and pay per click (SEM). We will work with keywords such as   empresa informática de Barcelona and mantenimiento informático .

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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