Real estate in La Cerdanya, traditional architecture

Do you know Eclair? It is a real estate developer in Cerdanya. La Teva Web has implemented a SEO and SEM strategy in order to reach their target customers.
seo and sem for real estate in cerdanya

Real estate in La Cerdanya, traditional architecture

Eclair is a real estate agency in Cerdanya that is characterised by being nature lovers, respecting the traditional architecture of Cerdanya and always using local materials and elements. Their aim? To make the best possible mountain home without losing the traditional essence but adapted to modern needs. Eclair's website is very clean and pleasant to navigate for the users who visit it. It has a menu where you can see the developments and homes currently available and which will be available in the not too distant future.

La Teva Web was the SEO agency chosen to implement the company's online marketing strategy.

With a keyword study we started the Eclair project, where we proposed a strategy to follow to reach a higher target audience. The optimisation of the images, the cards of each promotion and housing was one of the main seo tasks to work on. A good linkbuilding strategy has made the real estate company take a step forward and increase its online presence.

In addition to all the tasks mentioned above, we have created new blog content of interest to users with the idea of transmitting confidence and the desire to escape to La Cerdanya immediately.

In terms of SEM, we have carried out Google ADS campaigns to increase visibility in search engines and traffic to the website. Data is important, which is why at La Teva Web we monitor all the data to obtain the real statistics of the project and to be able to analyse and implement in detail the strategy to follow to reach the final objective.
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