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New web design: Responsive Web Design

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New web design: Responsive Web Design
The Responsive Web Design makes reference to web programming and web design to suit the user's environment, especially to your screen.

The adaptive web design was created with the intensive use of Smart phones, tablets and phones like iPhone, iPad or Android devices with the aim that the website will show one way or another adapted to the screen resolution. Its use encompasses not only mobile devices but extends to desktops that have large screen resolutions.

The adaptive web design is based on the use of fluid content and images, and media-queries in CSS web design to adapt depending on the user screen and always use a single version of HTML and CSS, avoiding creating different websites for each device or screen and benefiting the SEO on Google.

LA TEVA WEB been applied eg Responsive Web Design or Web design adaptive website ZUBR the repositioning and resizing menus and images according to the resolution.

Ethan Marcotte is the father of the art of web design.

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