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The Barcelona elevator company Ascensors Rubori has contracted the services of LA TEVA WEB to renew its website, position it and carry out advertising campaigns on Google Ads.

For the web design we wanted to give it a fresh air since the previous web page was very outdated and outdated. For the new version, we have opted to take advantage of the maximum width of the screens (fullwitdh) with images of the projects carried out. As for the chosen colors, we wanted to continue with red (corporate color), white and gray. Red is associated with being an aggressive color, so we have not wanted to highlight it too much, simply in the sections, CTA buttons and the 24h service.

More details to comment on the website is that the client wants to promote the work carried out, for this reason, a section has been created where the before and after of the installation of the elevator in a building can be seen. This section has also been added to the home page.

At the web programming level, it is created in two languages ​​(Spanish and Catalan) since the target audience is in the city of Barcelona and both languages ​​are spoken in that city. In addition, the website is responsive, making it adapt to all devices: tablet, mobile, desktop.

At the level of online marketing, we are going to follow two types of strategy, on the one hand, we will optimize the website to achieve a good web positioning in Barcelona and, on the other hand, we will create advertising campaigns in Google Ads to give the brand greater visibility.
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