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Web design and SEO for Online Shop Renuevo
web Renuevo
Renuevo is a company that has made a significant name in the second-hand market in Barcelona and now wants to make the big jump to online sales.

In terms of web design we have followed the corporate image of the client, adapting the range of colors representative of the company to a large header. Due to the magnitude and variety of products and services offered, content architecture has been a major problem. Add all items with a certain harmony in such a small space as the first statement of the screen proved to be a difficult task. The implementation of a group of icons representing different categories has helped making it much easier and enjoyable product search for users and generating a greater confidence.

In the second-hand market, it is essential to promote the products in the online market. Accordingly, we have designed an ambitious online strategy that focuses on two main lines: social media marketing and search engine optimization.

SEO. It is the main strategy of this project in terms of online marketing. We are working with keywords such as tienda segunda mano. The challenge is to overcome websites that have been  ranking in first places of Google for a long time.

The web project is completed with an extensive marketing campaign on social networks ranging from the most famous to some more minority social networks.

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