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SEO strategy for the real estate sector

Costa Brava House is a real estate agency on the Costa Brava . It has a wide selection of villas, flats, farmhouses and historic properties for sale and rent in the most charming places and towns of the Costa Brava. All its properties are located in the most beautiful beaches and incredible coves of the Costa Brava. The website has a good track record in terms of web positioning, positioned for those business words such as: real estate agency on the Costa Brava, Costa Brava houses, flats for sale on the Costa Brava, etc.  Our main objective is to improve your web positioning in order to increase your visibility in the different search engines, designing and applying a new SEO strategy that allows you to position yourself in front of your main SEO competitors.  To do so, we will focus on responding to more specific searches based on location, type of property, area, etc.

Web positioning for Costa Brava House

The real estate sector is a sector that competes with large portals or real estate ad aggregators, which is why it is essential to have a powerful web positioning strategy to obtain visibility in this sector and to stand out in it.

SEO for real estate plays a strong role, without it it is practically impossible to have online visibility. A good keyword study can be the fundamental axis for the strategy to be powerful enough to face this fight against the big real estate portals. The keyword strategy should be the focus to guide the strategy.

 Before starting the project and designing the SEO strategy that we will follow, an exhaustive analysis has been carried out to detect the weak points that directly affect the positioning.

We observed that the website has certain problems related to hreflang tagging. This attribute allows search engines such as Google to specify the language and the geographical target of the website.  This ensures that the website is displayed to the user in the correct language. It is therefore essential to modify and correct these errors so that the robot can understand the different language versions that Costa Brava House offers its users. Another aspect that we would like to highlight and that affects SEO is the duplicity of meta descriptions and titles on the Costa Brava House website. We must correct and modify this type of errors that negatively affect the positioning of the site.

All these on-page actions together with a good study of keywords will allow Costa Brava House to improve its visibility and therefore increase its web traffic.
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