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SEO and web design for Invermix

Invermix is a company dedicated to the sale of residential and office buildings in Barcelona.

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Invermix is a company dedicated to the sale of buildings in Barcelona for residential and offices.

Invermix has relied on LA TEVA WEB for the design of their website. The company wanted that the website was inspired by Barcelona at the same time that offered an image of the company related with its most important values: sophistication and reliability.

With this aim, we have proposed a fashionable web design where the use of large pictures of Barcelona combined with modernists details typical from the Eixample of Barcelona has a lot of presence in every section of the website. This design with a touch of sophistication, has been reinforced by the use of black and gold colors.

The website offers all corporate information of the company and, above all, it included a wide range of buildings for potential investors. We have paid particular attention to the details of all properties including many visual product information.

With regard to online marketing, we will focus on seo for very specific searches and we will move away from the more generic keywords already taken over by the largest specialists in sales of homes, offices and son on.

The website includes a responsive web design version for proper viewing on mobile and tablets. The use responsive web design we will also contribute to a better SEO.

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