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Bespoke programming. When will we enjoy HTML5?
13 Nov

Bespoke programming. When will we enjoy HTML5?

Lately many clients ask us to schedule your website in HTML5. However, officials of the W3C HTML Working Group has published the draft recommendation of the HTML5 specification for the last quarter of 2014.

Reparación Albañal's website
03 Sep

New Reparación Albañal's website

We have designed the sewer repair website. This website is a corporate presentation company in Barcelona. Sewer repair is a company specializing in the repair of underground drains and repair of sewers. Settled in Barcelona is aimed at developers and estate managers.

We present all the web projects of La Teva Web that we have made during the 19 years of the company: from the planning of an online marketing strategy, through the web design of a new project, to the renewal of a web page that has remained old, either by design or technology.

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