Barcelona Residencias

Website for Barcelona Residencias, a university residence in Barcelona that specializes in rooms for students in Barcelona. We handle the seo of the web.
Student housing website

The residence designed for university students

Recently, we have worked for the redesign of the website of Barcelona Residencias, a university residence located in the center of Barcelona where you rent rooms for national and international students. Until now we only took charge of the organic positioning of the web, but it was necessary, due to the trend and what the market marks, a renewal of the website.

The old web design was sober and serious, very far away from the target audience. In contrast, the new website is fresh, modern and current, which is closer to the student youth target.

For this new design we have worked with the colors yellow, green, black and white, as well as incorporating iconography to give a breakthrough and freshness to the web. To continue with the style of the web, navigation is through a burguer menu. On the other hand, it is a very alive web thanks to the photographic material of the rooms.

In terms of web programming, its audience is both national and international and, for this reason, the website is programmed in 3 languages: Spanish, Catalan and English. Also, the website is responsive, that is, it adapts to all devices, both mobile and tablets.

As we have said before, Barcelona Residencias had an old website and to correctly work on SEO, you have to optimize the pages (titles and descriptions) and prepare a file of 301 or redirect urls to avoid pages not found or 404.

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