SEO: Goodbye Webmaster Tools, hello Search Console
09 / 06 / 2015

SEO: Goodbye Webmaster Tools, hello Search Console

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
Bruno Díaz
Marketing Manager
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Google is making continuous tests over who uses each of its tools, how they manage them, what kind of use they give, what limitations or problems they found... One result of these studies will bring structural changes for all the SEO strategists. And as an specialized SEO agency in Barcelona we've believed very necessary today to share with you the details of these changes.

As Google explained in the company blog for webmasters on 20 May, Google will proceed to the transformation of the Webmaster Tools in the new Search Console. As explained Google's leaders, they have been studying webmaster tools user profile, and they have seen that not only are webmasters who use it, but users of all kinds. That has led the media giant to rethink this tool, since the format was designed for a type of audience that was not the one who finally used it

In this presentation video Google show us a bit how will this Search Console work. The audiovisual makes it clear what the objective they are seeking to change: embrace all audiences, from the amateur to the most professional in different specialties. Therefore there is some uncertainty in some webmasters about what kind of performance will be taken to the tool, if it will fall short for some to satisfy others or if it really offer efficient solutions for all. The truth is that we still know little, but with the available information we can say that will be a much more intuitive tool and will be prepared, and this is very important, to provide better mobile traffic monitoring.

Just a new name or a different concept?

As is explained in the Google official blog, the name of Webmaster Tools was unsuitable for the benefits offered since appeared to serve only for administrators and website developers. However, the experience shows that the range of possible users is much higher: SEO analysts, SEO enthusiasts, programmers, designers and marketing strategists are some of the examples.

Google Search Console will allow to manage everything related to the behavior of a website on the Google search engine. It is, therefore, an essential tool to plan and monitor our SEO strategyl. Soon we will give more details on the new SEO tool and tips for using it successfully.
Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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