Search Engine Optimization strategy for Catalana CBD

A unique and different SEO project for which we have made a comprehensive strategy to improve the organic positioning of the website, creating content in all categories.

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la catalana cbd
la catalana cbd
la catalana cbd
la catalana cbd

La Catalana CBD: The origins of change

La Catalana CBD is a leading company in natural products made from cannabinoid. These items stand out for all the benefits they offer in the field of health and cosmetics.

They contacted with La Teva Web to apply different Online Marketing services to increase the positioning of the website through effective SEO strategies adapted to the sector they understand.

SEO strategy in Shopify:

This e-commerce was made with Shopify, a CMS that allows to create a large catalog of products sorted by categories and a product sheet for each sales item. In addition, it also allows to add other pages that can help the organic positioning of the website.

To help increase SEO positioning, we perform an initial set up, in which we modify the titles, descriptions and texts of the product categories, review duplicate content and perform the necessary redirections to avoid 404 errors.

Next, we created a comprehensive keyword research focused on terms related to "CBD". We also carried out an organization of the different product families sorted into categories in order to divide the online store catalog. Another action applied was the determination of the intentionality of the keywords, which we divided into: transactional and informational, in order to know how best to use them and in which section of the website they should be added. It is important to know the volume and difficulty of these keywords to understand how to work with them. 


Actions for Organic Positioning:

  • In order to increase the organic positioning, different strategies must be carried out. In this case, the first thing we did was to register the website in Google Search Console and send the sitemap.xml file to Google. This favors the crawling by the Google bot and guarantees the indexation of the results.
  • Another necessary action we carried out to increase SEO on the website was the drafting and incorporation of new content in the Home and product sheets, introducing the most relevant keywords to improve organic positioning.

All these actions have managed to improve the positioning and authority of the website and we continue to apply new actions that generate a continuous improvement in the e-commerce of La Catalana CBD. 

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