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06 / 06 / 2015

SEO: positioning on Market Places

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SEO: positioning on Market Places
As an specialized SEO agency in Barcelona, web begin a series of articles about the past, present and future of SEO, with the intention of providing reflections that can be useful to the online marketing industry and our customers. Today we’ll talk about positioning the Market Places.

The Market Places like Ebay and Amazon are based on a business model that relates retailers and consumers. In this recent years this kind of sites and apps like the booming Wallapop have given rise to many debates about how to position a product as a result of a relevant search.

A first thought on this issue is that optimizing in non-traditional search engines will allow us to stop relying almost exclusively on Google for visitors to our products and improve our sales volume. But caution: this does not mean that we should stop our SEO work for Google! Anyway we'll be offering to our potential consumers to an additional way to find us. A very clear advantage is the conversion rate of these websites: they are very focused sales channels and don’t have other content that make us lose visibility.

Critics to this strategy

There are some SEO gurus who advocate that enhance the positioning in Market Places can move our own results in the ranking, diverting traffic and reducing our visibility. But perhaps they not have done the following question: what if the users were looking directly at the Market Place and not on Google? The searching trends are directed precisely to this: users go increasingly direct to the market place and not on Google. On Google the user may seek general information about the product, characteristics, differences between brands, opinions, etc., but then seek to buy it directly in the Market Place. According to the data presented by Forrester Research, 39% of online customers in the US begin their search at Amazon while only 11% came from Google. This trend is spreading to everyone, also to Spain, so it's something to keep in mind.

In conclusion, if our brand wants to sell online, is also advisable to advertise our products in the Market Places, as they are a source of visits and sales with large market and will be bigger. And these efforts will have a positive impact will the SEO of your brand. That's why it's important that when you export or upload your products to the Market Places, please do it thinking on SEO criteria: titles, text, tags, image names, URLs, etc. Positioning in Market Places is essential and will be even more in the coming years as an increasingly mature behavior of the users, they will search to find faster what they want, even informations or products. Perhaps yours

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