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It discovers the new web design and the international SEO and SEM strategy for Vila Hermanos, the leading company in manufacturing perfumed candles for companies. A luxury of web design.
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Decorative and scented candles

Vila Hermanos is the equivalent of good taste and luxury. The company is a leader in the manufacture of fragrances and perfumed candles for companies. A elaboration carried out using noble materials, such as plant waxes with the quality and tradition of the time. The company has commissioned your website from the design of the website at the company's digital marketing.

The company not only sells decorative candles, but also offers sensations and well-being, always looking after the details of a premium price product, and our mission is simple: to transmit it via its online communication. The catalogue of candles and fragrances for the home is organized on the basis of two product classifications: the collections and the flavourings they contain.

In addition, for the user who wants to make a gift, we have built a gift page, where they can filter the products by various criteria: recipient, price, fragrances, among others.

The web page is responsive or mobile-adapted, allowing us to offer a version of the web or another based on the device from which the website is accessed. This helps the SEO positioning of the website and facilitates access to information, in a quick and pleasant way for users.

In addition, Vila Germans' vocation is international, so the website is offered in English, Spanish and French. It will soon be available in more languages.

Web design for Vila Hermanos

On a general level, we want to transmit through the web what is Vila Hermanos, so it must be an elegant, sophisticated and clean website. Where the use of a gray texture to simulate the paper in some of the background highlights. In addition, the product listings are divided into three columns and white spaces to highlight their characteristic packaging.

The color accompanies each of the collections, in which each has a different tone and representative of the collection. The rest of the colors we can find throughout the web are neutral and white tones, as we can see has a white background and a paper texture.

Text-level, a personality typeface, Krona One, and the Roman text Alegreya have been used for headlines. Both are of character, which attempt to transmit the product variety and style in the design of the products. They also give it more elegance, but they leave the way for photography to be the protagonist.

The pictures we're going through the web are very large and all products. Many of the photographs are of a still life (especially in the collections) which, alongside the color of the collection, is presented in a very elegant fashion. Each collection has a slider with fragrances, and each fragrance has its own photograph and a full description to better know the product.
Movil view Vila Hermanos

Custom web programming

At the web programming level, the website incorporates a large number of javascripts to be able to perform transitions and motion effects that convey an image of novelty and professionalism that surprises the user, moving away from the static image of many websites.

In addition, we find the addition of filters to the different webpage where different sales products are displayed, in which you can select the format, the intensity, the use, the fragrance, among others.

SEO and SEM strategy

At digital marketing level, the strategy is focused through two main channels: web positioning or SEO and on SEM. After a study of what the key words would be suitable for positioning this website, it was determined that the keywords velas para firmas and velas customizadas would be the starting point of the SEO positioning. Also, all content must be optimized such as metatitles or metadescriptions, and images.

With regard to SEM, you will want to position yourself through Google Ads with the above keywords so as to ensure that you are going out in front positions in the candle search. In addition, a marketing campaign will be conducted through Facebook Ads, where it is intended to reach a large public to make the brand and its sales products known.
Banner Vila Hermanos

We transmit the elegance and sophistication of the aromatic candles.

Through this website, it is intended that customers will grasp the idea of elegance and sophistication that Vila Hermanos offers with his aromatic candles, as they are not only decorative candles, but also offers sensations and well-being.
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