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07 / 11 / 2019

Web design for Suministros MERCA BCN, S.L.

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Web design for Suministros MERCA BCN, S.L.
Supplies MERCA BCN, SL is a company that supplies to businesses and professionals in the hardware store. The company is located in Mercabarna.

The website is a corporate website incorporating the services of the company and a corporate presentation of the company. The most important part of the website is the online product catalog of the company. The catalog includes a large number of references. The web design catalog has been designed considering proper display on iPad and Android tablets. Thus the company's business using the web catalog to display products to their customers and save costs on paper catalogs, while giving a more modern image of a product catalog always updated. This allows an image of modernity and adaptation to new technologies of the company.

The web page has been designed based on the company's corporate image and a logo, where color and geometric shapes are especially important.

In addition to the exhaustive work of web redesign and layout, web positioning or SEO of the online store is also worked on. The actions consist mainly of optimizing, with their titles and description, all categories and product sheets as well as static pages, to correctly index the web page. Another of the relevant actions that we will carry out over the next few months is the creation of advertising campaigns in Google Ads to attract a specific audience that in the short term is difficult to capture and that thanks to Google campaigns is more feasible to attract.

e invite you to visit the website of the company that will soon be known as the Mercabarna’s hardware store.

Suministros Merca's website

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