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baby clothing made of pima cotton

A fun, sweet and cheerful baby brand

We present a very endearing, fun and sweet online store that sells baby clothes made with 100% pima cotton. The project was born one day when the customer was looking for baby clothes for her daughter and discovered pima cotton. She fell in love with the fabric so much that she started looking for a wide variety of prints but found herself with great limitations. For this reason, she decided to create the Sweet Pima brand.

Obviously, to make the project a reality, Sweet Pima had to put itself in the hands of professionals who would advise it throughout the process of creating the brand and, for this reason, it contacted La Teva Web.

For Sweet Pima, we have helped her in the whole process: logo creation, design, programming and layout of the online store. In addition, for a correct optimization of the e-commerce, we have made an exhaustive study of keywords to achieve greater visibility on the Internet.

The definition of the web design is mainly based on pastel colors: beige, pink and turquoise. The priority of the design is that the mom or dad who enters the online store sees that the clothes are super comfortable and soft, as if the baby was in a cloud. Following the same line, the web design is 100% child-oriented target (i.e. babies), since the customer is the parent who will buy the baby clothes.

The division of the design is thought to leave white and round spaces reminiscent of cotton as well as the inclusion of icons in the form of cloud. It is an online store that invites comfort and spaciousness. For the typography, we have combined a childish calligraphy with a rounder one.

Regarding visibility on the Internet, the online marketing department has been in charge of conducting a market study to analyze those keywords that can bring more visits to the e-commerce. When we have defined the words that we will work for the coming months in the online store to get a good web positioning or seo in search engines, the next job will be to optimize all pages, products and create articles focused on seo to achieve the main objective: to get more visits and that these are of quality to increase sales.

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