30 / 06 / 2015

The importance of the domain in our SEO

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The importance of the domain in our SEO
Today we present a new phase of the web positioning strategy we are developing for Bicicletas Electricas Ecobike, an online retailer of electric bikes. Ecobike is dedicated since 2003 to the manufacture and distribution of electric bikes in the spanish and international markets. It is the only spanish company that has its own electronic system developed with universities of Catalonia and manufactured in Spain, which allow them to have direct control of design, quality and technology of its products.

In the first phase we launched a series of actions to position the site for the keywords electric bicycle and electric bicycle. At present, and with the intention of giving a new impetus to the web, we purchased a new domain, And we will expose briefly why this action will help us in our SEO.

The new domain will help us, first, because it incorporates the keywords we want to bring to the top of the results. Although is not required to have a domain that contains the keywords, it's recommended. A second element that will help us is the domain extension. Taking into acount that tha target market is the spanish, the best choice for SEO is to opt for a .es domain. Another case where we have chosen to buy a domain from a particular country to achieve SEO in that country is the case of Embriogyn, for whom we have developed a web domain territorial position for the in vitro fertilization clinic in the British market.
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