The Vertigen website is a corporate presentation of the company. It includes, among other elements, examples of work carried out and a wide range of the services they perform. It incorporates Flash and Actionscript elements.
Vertigen web

Restoration of urban and industrial buildings

The Vertigen web design has been created in order to improve the user experience. Always taking into account the usability, accessibility, web design to ensure intuitive navigation, and always taking into account the needs of users.

The design of the site is innovative and dynamic, using colors and graphics that fit with the corporate identity of the company, in addition it is responsive, thus guaranteeing a perfect user experience and adapted to a wide range of complex devices, from vertical phones to specialized projects used in successful desktop catalogs.

Galleries with images and videos that enrich the site have been included, allowing users to see the high level of competence and quality that Vertigen brings to each project.

In addition, the website has been improved with the integration of advanced technologies such as Flash and ActionScript, improving interactive features without compromising loading speed or accessibility.

This approach to design and development not only improves the user experience, but also strengthens Vertigen's position in the sector, providing significant value for both potential and existing customers.

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