Web design and SEO strategy for Armand Optics

Web design and SEO strategy for Armand Optics, a company specialized in products related to optics and audiology.
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Armand Optics was founded in 1988 in Barcelona, with 7 optics and more than 11 optometrists. Its success is due to product quality, warranty, staff training and competitive prices. Armand Òptics highlights the influence of glasses on the perception of the world and has opted from the beginning for fashion and aesthetics in optics, this we can see reflected in its slogan.

Corporate web design and personalized ecommerce

For this barcelona optics, we have developed the website that also includes an ecommerce. As we do in all web projects, we use a responsive design to guarantee the perfect visualization of the portals in all types of devices, always thinking about the usability of the web for the end user.

The website design is distinguished by the use of elegant colors, predominant dark tones such as dark blue, complemented with white and light brown. These colors communicate elegance, exclusivity, professionalism and quality. The structure of the website follows a minimalist and modern design, projecting the image of a high quality company. In the background, blue has been chosen, while white is used to delimit the different sections of the page. In addition, it has been chosen to make use of typographies without serifs, adding even more elegance and modernity to the design. The navigation of the website is intuitive and well organized, contributing to improve the user experience. 

The online store has been created entirely for this new website. It has a simple, elegant and usable design for the user, with filters and price orders, colors etc. The idea is to show the different glasses that have in the optics with an indicative price and the filter of variations and combinations at a first glance.

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Local SEO strategy for optics

Before the publication of the new website, we carry out previous work to prepare the migration of change from the current website to the new one we design. Redirections were prepared, current analysis of the positioning and the speed that the web had to later compare it with the new one.

After launching the website, we are dedicated to improving its positioning in search engines. We carry out a detailed analysis to identify the most relevant keywords that will boost the positioning of the web, focusing on the main services offered by Armand Optics: optics, glasses graduation and hearing aids. Not forgetting the implementation and optimization of keywords on all pages and their content, including meta title, meta descriptions and images.

Specifically, in the case of Armand Optics, we have focused on achieving a positioning at the local level, which implies adding each physical location of all the optics. To do this, we use the Google My Business profile, where we have included clear and accurate information on the services and all the addresses of Armand Opticians have been verified. This has helped us to improve the visibility of each local in the search results.

We must not forget that we also have to do seo in the online store, being an ecommerce in which very well-known products and brands are sold, one of the strategies we have promoted is the positioning for each of these glasses brands from the creation of own pages to for each brand and link it to the products of the online store.
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